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Do I need insurance?


When considering the costs of your new mortgage it is worth thinking about the insurance that might be necessary as well.

From Life Insurance to Income Protection there is a policy out there for everyone's needs but we would like to help you decide and provide clear details on what you can and can't expect.


When you take out your mortgage it is normally for a long time, 25 to 40 years is fairly common. Life has a way of surprising us and you can be sure there will be a few surprises, good and bad, during those 25 to 40 years. Insurance is there to guard against the unexpected and protect you and your family when things go wrong but you have to plan in advance. You can only insure against what might happen, not what has happened, the ''I will do it later'' approach just will not work.


You might be surprised at how little it costs to protect your family, partner, children and house so it is always worth looking into while you can. Many life insurance policies are available with fixed or guaranteed premiums so you know the cost for the next 25 years, they will not go up. Costs are also based on lots of factors but health and age are the main ones, so the earlier you take your policy and fix your premium, the cheaper it could be.



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